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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Social Network Portability

And now my hot interesting subject!!!

Portability with social networks, maybe the FOAF open standard (Friend-of-Friend).
This issues are quite new to me. But it seems quite interesting to use in my own context. Import a learner profile with is own hi5 network...
I have found an interesting workshop.. mediamatic about portability and also a blog which references these issues:
Google groups

Or even in microformats seems worth read it carefully.
Maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Web 3.0

Go beyond Web 2.0!!

In a few years the participation paradigm that Web 2.0 lays on will give way to what Tim Berners Lee has already called GGG as to Giant Global Graph in his blog Tim's blog

But what we expect to be Web 3.0?

Well it is Semantic Web technology, starting with RDF OWL and SPARQL and giving more. Tim Berners Lee compares with what WWW was about giving information, and now is going to be about social. The data in a FOAF file can be read by other applications. Photo-sharing, travel sites, sites which accept your input because you are a part of the graph.
It is about connections and sharing ourselves rather our pages...