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Monday, 4 February 2008

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Why the Web is...

The web is an interesting place.
I think interesting is not the right word. It should be amazing or at least surprisingly.
Why the web is amazing? you might ask.

Well, I first met it in 1993, with the appearance of Mosaic and since then it has always surprised me.
In fact today I even do research on it.

But let’s go on with more concrete issues.

After I graduated in 1995 in Engineering I started to work with youngsters.
They too found the Web an amazing place.
Their reasons are different from mine and this is the first reason for why the Web is. That is, the Web is our reflection, it gives us what we are looking for and like the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle of the electron, it is impossible to know everything and find everything on it, even if you try to download it, you will just have one static "picture".
This is the second reason: it is dynamic and evolves.
We hear about Web 2.0 and new features like Blogs, Chats, Forums, Wikis, they all provide interaction and social features. Yes the Web now is Social.

Going in this direction Tim Berners Lee in his Blog posted about changing WWW to GGG :)
Tim's Blog
But before going into more detail about GGG, let's see other reasons why the Web is amazing.
Another reason is related to its global usage: work, hobbies, shops,... information available at a distance of a click.
Recently i found in a teacher's blog. She has a post quite interesting about web tools usage in her teacher's work.

I recommend visiting it and trying some tools like:Blogger, Digg,Feedburner, Show Me Widget , Netvibes, Google Reader , Twitter , Newsmap ,, Camtasia, Ning.

That's why the Web is amazing and keeps beeing amazing every day...

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